5 C’s of Box Bar’s Corporate Connection Gifting Service

During the year, it seems like there is always an occasion, milestone, or event that needs that one perfect gift for that special someone or multiple gifts for a group.  From simple gestures of appreciation to the whirlwind of holiday gifting, simplifying all your corporate gifts throughout the year can save you time, money and stress.  There are so many steps that go into creating great gifts from choosing the gifts themselves, selecting a card, writing the perfect message, wrapping the gifts with appealing papers and beautiful bows, and finally repacking the gifts for shipping - its tiring just thinking about every step but they usually all have to be done! At Box Bar, we transform this entire process by making it convenient and simple, while still thoughtful and personal.  Gifting should be rewarding, not overwhelming. 

At Box Bar, the gift code we live by, is to make gifting special for them and simple for you. So, we wanted to share the top 5 reasons to let Box Bar’s corporate gifting team take all the late nights, paper cuts and stress out of your corporate gifting. Let’s review our 5 C’s of corporate gifting! 

It’s Convenient – Instead of going to multiple stores in the mall or multiple sites online to buy gifts, wrapping and a card, Box Bar has everything you need all in one place that you can access right from your phone or computer.  Our full-service corporate team handles everything from creating the perfect gift suite, to hand wrapping each giftto shipping and package tracking. We truly make the entire process simple, easy and stress free. 

It’s Custom – Instead of choosing from the same old fruit basket or branded mug set, we can help you create personalized gifts for your recipients that match the style of your business and the interests of the recipients.  We source products from local vendors and can modify the gifts, packaging, level of branding, color scheme and pricing to ensure a fully custom gifting experience. This is a great way to build lasting relationships with your clients and differentiate your business from others in your industry.   

It’s Coordinated – We handle every step of the gifting process from start to finish.  You start by choosing a ready-made gift, creating your own design, or letting us create a proposal for you.  After that, we handle all product sourcing, gift design, hand wrapping, quality control, shipping and shipment tracking.  The whole process is done all with a few clicks or emails and we provide alerts along the way to keep you updated!   

It’s Consistent – Sending gifts on behalf of your company is an extension of your image and you want your gifts to send all the right messages. Every step of the gifting process requires time, effort and an attention to detail to ensure consistency and quality across your gifts every time.  Box Bar hand wraps each gift with thought and care to ensure every gift meets our quality standards and yours, to give your recipient that “wow” moment every time.   

It's Compelling – We make gifting as fun and easy for the gift giver, as it is for the receiver.  Gifting should never feel like a chore and we make it effortless and effective. Once you use Box Bar’s corporate gifting service, it's hard to ever go back to gifting on your own.   

Don’t let corporate gifts get you down anymore, reach out and let us help you create amazing gifts that leave lasting impressions. Box Bar would love to partner with you on all your corporate gifting for your employees, your clients and your community.