5Reasons to
Gift with Us

At Box Bar, we transform the entire
gifting process by making it convenient
and simple, while still thoughtful and
personal. Gifting should be rewarding,
not overwhelming.

1 It's Convenient

Instead of going to multiple stores or sites online to buy gifts, wrapping, and a card, Box Bar has everything you need all in one place. Our full-service team handles everything from creating the perfect gift, to hand wrapping each package, to shipping and tracking. We truly make the entire process simple, easy and stress free.


3 It's Coordinated

Our team handles all project management to keep you updated as your project moves through sourcing, processing and shipping. We manage all project milestones to ensure gifts arrive on time and as expected. We coordinate while you get to sit back and relax.


5 It's Compelling

Gifting means business. Increase employee engagement, build deeper bonds with existing customers, attract new clients and make memorable marketing moments.

Tell us about your next project! We'd love to help!